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In the Baltic Sea just off the Estonian coast lies the lush island of Saaremaa. With its vast woodlands, limestone cliffs and sandy beaches it forms the main barrier between the Gulf of Riga and the Baltic Sea. Once the settlement of notorious pirates (also referred to as the Eastern Vikings) Saaremaa nowadays is a tranquil community with a population of approximately 30,000 inhabitants. A few miles north of the island’s southern peninsula and close to the main town Kuressaare lies the production site where Delta Powerboats are built. Founded by Lennart Alpstål as Luksusjaht AS the factory employs around 140 technicians, carpenters and workers and holds a construction capacity for boats up to 100ft. Aside from incorporating the production line of our own boats the facility also has a legacy of building sailing yachts as subcontractor for brands such as Arcona and Nautor’s Club Swan.
Authentic craftsmanship

While some builders are competing with cost-cutting options and outsourced solutions, Delta is heading in the opposite direction. We believe that building reliable boats with a  consistent quality requires a controlled construction process and skilled craftsmen who takes pride in their work. To that end, the interior woodworks of Delta Powerboats are all handmade by experienced carpenters employed at the factory. The stainless steel fittings along with many other exterior details are custom-made in-house and the teak decks are hand crafted from selected wood and perfectly laid with methods inherited through generations.

The most modern technologies

In addition to being staffed by devoted craftsmen our production process benefits from the use of the most modern technologies and advanced composite components. With the yard’s Poseidon 5-axis milling station we have capacity of milling molds up to 26 meters in length. For the layup process the hull components are laminated and weight-optimized using vacuum infused core technology. A method that enhances the structural performance by providing increased strength, stiffness and distribution of loads and stresses to the material. Furthermore, it is a sealed process that is both safe and environmentally friendly as it emits no harmful substances. Delta has utilized vacuum infusion since 2006 for GRP  and carbon fiber composite as it allows us to develop the most sophisticated hull component.

Quality controls & approval

Our commitment to deliver reliable boats of superior quality forms the foundation for everything we do and extends to the moment the boats sets out on their maiden voyage. As a final stage in the build process the hulls are examinated in sheltered  basins followed by launching and a series of sea trials. After  thorough assessment of structural and technical performance a 200 nautical miles  passage is undertaken to our facilities in Sweden where further evaluations are performed prior to approval of delivery by the owner. This is our way of ensuring that all boats leaving the factory meet the highest possible quality requirements, that they are trustworthy and can be enjoyed for many years to come.

Delta Powerboats production process is certified according to the requirements of the Environmental management system (ISO 14001) and Quality systems (ISO 9001).

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1 cabin | 50-60 kts

2 cabins | 58 kts

1 cabin | 39-52 kts

2 cabins | 39-46 kts

2 cabins | 39-46 kts

3 cabins | 42-50 kts

1 cabin | 42-48 kts

2 cabins | 38-46 kts

3 cabins | 40-45 kts

3 cabins | 38 kts

3 cabins | 38 kts

4 cabins+crew | 39 kts